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Mom, Nana, Brayden, Dad, Grammy, Me, Bryson, Brigham!

Author: Brenton Boice

About the Author:

My name is Brenton Sena Boice. I am a Third grade student at P.E.S. I love to learn, math is my favorite out of all the subjects. I also love to learn about coding, my dad teaches me how to code. I love to read books. Right now I am reading the Percy Jackson Series. My favorite color is green. My favorite food is Caesar Salad. I play Soccer, Basketball, and Lacrosse. I have three brothers. My brothers and I like to explore museums and play badminton together. We also love to go to the beach and swim. I visit my Grammy’s house down in Cape Cod to go to the beach. My Nana stops by at our house often and brings treats. Someday I hope to be a mathematician. I think that everyone should learn math. I hope you enjoy my stories!

London’s Best Indian Restaurant!

I am so hungry! All we have done today is walk around London. We visited museums and had tours all over the place. Brayden picks a place for us to go to dinner. We are trying all kinds of different foods on this trip. The restaurant he picks is called Dishoom. This will be our first Indian food restaurant as a family. We walk to the restaurant and all my bones are dying. We finally make it to the restaurant. The front of the restaurant looks like the regular London style, it doesn’t look like an Indian style restaurant at all. 

      We ask the hostess approximately how long we will have to wait and she says two hours. We decide to wait because we really want to go to this restaurant. We get in line and wait an hour and my legs are aching. I am starving so I ask my Dad for his phone so it will keep my mind off of my starving-ness. I play on the phone for almost an hour then we get to the front of the line and we still can’t go inside and eat. We have to do the second part of waiting. At least we can get nice cold drinks. We sit at the outside tables in front of the restaurant.

    We are playing this cool game called Trivia and that gets me to stop thinking about food. Finally we get in the restaurant and sit down.There are planted trees and bushes all over the place. The colors are so different from the usual London colors. They remind me of what India would look like. The colors are red, gold, and orange. Our waiter comes over and asks us what we want to eat. The boys and I ask for these Indian drinks that are kind of like smoothies but they have more yogurt. I get one with mango in it. 

We ask for some weird food. I think one was called Naan, it is bread. Oh wait! We order a few other things, they are Indian Curry Chicken, Indian Spicy Fries, and steak covered in sauce. One of the only things that isn’t spicy is the rice. The rice made the meal because it tastes delicious. Brigham and I take pictures of the whole restaurant and most of the pictures are of me eating food. We also take pictures of everybody in our family. There is Indian music playing and it is quiet for some reason. We eat all the food on the table because it is so yummy. My Dad orders more because everybody is still hungry, including me. He orders the same stuff as last time, especially the Naan bread.

Our waiter is funny and really nice. He explains all the things we are eating and which is his favorite. We eat all of that food and my family is officially stuffed. We look at the dessert menu and the waiter comes by to check on us. My Dad looks at this one dessert and asks for it and the waiter says it is on the house. He brings it over to the table and it looks like a popsicle stick. Brigham and I share and he gets to lick it first. When I lick the popsicle it tastes like caramel, but my brothers think differently. 

We stay there for a little bit talking about the meal. Bryson asks if we can come back the next night because he likes it so much. Our family keeps on talking forever, we like to take our time when we are out at restaurants. We say goodbye to our waiter, give him a tip, then get up and leave. This is the best meal ever! 

The End of Story 1

Meat Pie?? 

I am walking to a restaurant in an alley. I have never been here before. The name is Queens Head. As we are walking to the restaurant Brigham whispers, “This place has the best meat pies in London.” I hear what he is saying and I am like, what? Meat pie?  I have had apple pie, chocolate cream pie, mushroom pie, and even chicken pot pie! But meat pie, that’s just weird. I don’t know why they would put meat in a pie. Brigham also whispers “They have really good fish and chips too.” I love fish and chips, but I think I want to try something new. I am going to order the meat pie when we get there.

As we get to the restaurant we see that it is very small . We go into the main door and we are in a pub. We ask if we can order some food. The man replies, “The restaurant is upstairs.” My brother sighs, “We have to go upstairs?” We are all so hungry. We walk upstairs and sit down at a table. We look around. The walls are brick, with wallpaper, and  pictures. There is a metal roof with a chandelier hanging from it. My dad yells, “it’s dark!” This restaurant looks very old and kind of weird. Our waiter comes over and asks us what we want to drink. I ask for sparkling lemonade and my brothers all ask for soda.

I  hear a train go by. It is a cool noise, but I can’t see it because we are in a corner of Trafalgar Square. We look at our table. It is all wooden which is kind of weird. We get our drinks and they are really good. Our waiter asks what we want to eat and I ask for meat pie with a side of mashed potatoes. Brigham and I are the only ones that order meat pie, The rest of my family orders the fish and chips. When our waiter leaves,  the door opens, and I hear people laughing in the pub. I can smell all the good food in the kitchen. Our waiter brings out our food. I look at mine and it looks kind of unusual. There is sauce dripping out of a little corner. It is not in a pie plate. It is like a little box made of crust. The waiter puts it right in front of me. 


I break into the meat pie and it actually looks really good with the meat, crust, and sauce. It smells like pepper. I kind of want to eat it all in one bite. I have really good mashed potatoes so I put the sauce on them. I put salt and pepper on the potatoes. I start to eat it and it actually tastes very good. I tell everyone what mine tastes like and they are amazed. I finish my meal because it is so good that I ate it in like two seconds. My meal is so yummy. I talk with my family for a little bit but then my Dad pays and I walk down the stairs. I am walking down the stairs and there are mirrors on every side of the wall. We walk outside and there is nice cold air.                 

The End of Story 2      

Happy Eating Adventures!